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Current Price of Bitcoin Vault

What is Bitcoin Vault?

BTCV was built on Bitcoin Core but is ultimately more secure. Unlike Bitcoin, BTCV has a second key (cancellation key/theft protection) so if a wallet is hacked and the BTCV is stolen, the 2nd key is not received for up to 24 hours which provides the ability to stop the transaction from happening – and that's what makes BTCV unique.

BTCV also has a 3rd Key known as a fast transaction key, which means you can personally send the 3rd key to a trusted recipient for a fast 10 minute transaction.

Like Bitcoin, there will eventually be 21 million total coins mined, using the same AC chip and algorithm (SHA-256). They also both use Proof of Work to confirm transactions. Mined coins are converted to pay for infrastructure and maintenance of the mining farms. 1100 day Bitcoin Vault mining plans can be purchased from the Mining City dashboard

The Bitcoin Vault mining halving happens every 6 months, which is quicker than Bitcoin. But historically, the halving of mining rewards directly correlates to the market price of that particular coin, which is why Bitcoin Vault is expected to continue to rise in value, meaning the mining should in theory remain profitable for the long term.

Theft Protection

The 2nd key is sent up to 24 hours after a transaction, giving time to reverse it before completely confirmed.

Profitable Mining

Accumulate cryptocurrency every day for 1100 days.

10 Minute Transactions

Quickly send funds to a trusted recipient by sending the 3rd key.

Store of Value

Mining halving happens every 6 months meaning the market value should continue to rise.

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What is Mining City?


Established in 2017 by Eyal Avramovich, MineBest CEO, MineBest headquarters are located in Warsaw. Mining City is a world class development project by MineBest: a leader in blockchain technology development.

Devoted to crypto currency mining and all blockchain computing activities. Powered by 200 Mega Watts of green energy generated by a hydro-electric power plant for competitive electricity, with an on site power substation and transformers to convert 220 kilo volts to 0.4 kilo volts for mining equipment.

A place to house not just a crypto data center and 120,000 miners, but also modern amenities, a generous office space, a reception with a spacious lounge area and conference center for the use of everyone visiting the facility, offering hospitality to both clients and visitors.

Mining City was created to set new standards in crypto mining - legalized by the government with benefit of reduced taxation.. They are also an official partner of

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The MineBest CEO is an Inventor With Multiple Patents

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